Below, is a small sampling of other cars I have worked on over the years. They are basically the only other pictures I have of my work. I either did the bodywork, the paint, or both.




This is a friend's 1972 Pontiac T/A I painted a few years back. The bodywork was already done, so all I did was the final prep, paint and color sand & buff, as well as the bolt on stuff which took almost as long. We used Diamont base-coat/clear-coat paint.




This is a Mercedes I painted when I worked at a dealership in San Diego. The car was in an accident and received new front sheet metal. The bodyman, repaired some other damage and completely dissasembled it for the color change. The car was painted with Glasurit 54 line, Anthracite gray metallic base-coat/clear-coat paint.




WARNING: "Never take on a job without seeing it first." Anyway, this is a 1966 Cadillac DeVille. I agreed to do the job, sight unseen, and had been told the owners were going to detrim it and strip the paint....OK. So, what you see is what I got, and what a mess it was. Paint stripper had gotten everywhere, the jambs, the floor & the trunk.....I mean everywhere. One good thing though, the body was exceptionally clean, a few minor dents and some rust in the fenders. I finished the bodywork and painted it with single-stage Deltron and color sanded and buffed it before the owners picked it up. I never did see or get any pictures of the car after it left the shop but was later told it looked awesome and they were very happy!




This is a 1966 GTO that started out as a $300 rust bucket from the coast. The bodywork had already been started before I got it, and it was much to be desired. I wanted to start over, but the owner was too far into it at this point. So now it's my turn. I put patch panels (big ones) in both quarters, patched one door and after much begging and pleading, got the owner to buy some old fenders and a door from me. I had finally finished my part of the deal and shipped it off to another guy who painted it....Amen! I found these pictures on the internet at a "Classic Car lot" in San out of business.




This is a 1959 Chevy PU. I was told this had been in the family since new and had sentimental value. The lady wanted it restored to original, or as such. This truck was very clean with the hood, fenders, doors & bed panels needing little work. Only problem areas were in the cab corners where patch panels had to be used. Truck was painted single-stage Deltron and color sanded & buffed. This was also the first time I ever really work with finishing wood, sanding, sealing & clearing it. Again, I was told the owner was very happy.





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