1967 Pontiac LeMans

I purchased my LeMans in 1983. The engine had already been rebuilt as well as having had a new interior. The body was in exceptional condition sporting the original paint (with the exception of one quarter panel and the GTO hood). I proceeded to detrim the car, finding only a few small dents and no rust...anywhere. Needless to say, the bodywork went quick and I painted the car with Deltron single-stage paint, and color sanded & buffed it. This was the third car I ever painted.

250hp 326ci Engine, 4bbl Carburetor, TH300 2 Speed Transmission w/Shifter in Console,

2.55:1 10-Bolt Limited-Slip Differential, Dual Exhaust System, Power Steering, Power Brakes,

Rally Steering Wheel, Air Conditioning,

Rally Gauges, Montero Red & White w/Red Interior.





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