1966 Pontiac GTO

I traded my 1967 LeMans for this car back in 1985. It had been in storage since 1974 and was basically a piece of shit. First, the car was white and had a crappy paint job. I think the "Earl of Schibe" would have been ashamed of this one, as there was overspray all over the interior, the engine compartment and the trunk. One good thing though, the body was in great shape. Rust free quarters & floor, with some minor rust in the fenders & doors. Second, the engine was smoking. So, the first order of business was to yank the engine and get it rebuilt. Next, strip the old paint and do the bodywork. I then got the engine back and installed it along with rebuilding the suspension. At this point the car was now driveable again and I began to prep the car for paint by blocking & blocking & re-blocking the car. I then painted the car with Deltron single-stage paint and color sanded and buffed it. It then went to the upholsterer to get a complete new interior. After a few years, I decided to tear it down and do it all over, as It had picked up a few small dents and I had aquired some some near perfect, rust-free & dent-free fenders, doors & bumpers. This time, I kept it as my weekend driver. The first three pictures are that of the first paint job and all the others are of the second paint job. It has been 15 years since I painted it and it still looks great!

335hp 389ci Engine, 4bbl Carburetor, Muncie M20 Standard Transmission w/Hurst 4-Spd.

3.23:1 10-Bolt Limited-Slip Differential, Dual Exhaust System, Power Steering, Power Windows,

Power Convertible Top,Wood Steering Wheel, Manual Remote Outside Mirror,

Rally Gauges, Montero Red w/Black Interior.





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